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Jack Killion has two primary passions and ways to work with people and organizations

  • Coaching others to develop and use improved networking and relationship develop skills to accelerate careers, drive profitable business growth and enhance personal and family lives.
  • Providing strategic guidance to other entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in their efforts to start and/or grow their new, emerging and established businesses.

Jack developed his networking and entrepreneurial skills, starting in the early 70s, when he resigned his last paycheck job working as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company providing strategic guidance to “C” level leaders of Fortune 500 type organizations.

Since then Jack has developed hands-on networking and entrepreneurial expertise that he can share to:

  • Coach others to sharpen and leverage improved networking abilities. Vital skills never taught in college.
  • Start new businesses
  • Evaluate, develop and implement viable new business plans and models
  • Creatively fund the launch and development of businesses
  • Buy, merge & sell businesses
  • Turn-around and grow struggling companies
  • Put together strategic U.S. and global alliances
  • Bring new products & services to market
  • Penetrate new vertical sectors and new global markets
  • Develop high performance teams and cultures
  • Create high impact, cost effective marketing programs
  • Change unsuccessful business models to ones that work

Jack’s Background

Education Years

Jack grew up in a blue collar family with parents who struggled living through the great Depression. His dad eventually started his own tool & die company using skills he learned as an apprentice working for GE in Schenectady. Entrepreneurship is in Jack’s DNA.

  • Born in Newark, NJ
  • Attended high school in Caldwell, NJ
  • Mechanical Engineering degree from Yale University
  • MS, Industrial Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Jack’s masters degree thesis at MIT’s Business School focused on consulting with entrepreneurial companies in New England. Prior to graduating from MIT Jack received his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Yale University.

Corporate & Military Years

  • Recruited to work in England by Elliot Automation, a UK, public tech company, initially to establish an internal management consulting team to serve European divisions. Later named Managing Director of their Computer Services Division.
  • Served in U.S. Army as Assistant to head of the Metrology & Calibration Mission
  • Consultant to leaders of Fortune 500 organizations while with McKinsey & Co. Clients included Amex, CBS, Columbia Records, City of New York, Port of Philadelphia, Conference Board, Burlington-Great Northern Railroad and others

1st Half of 40 Year Entrepreneurial Career

  • Formed and headed KBO for 5 years advising and raising funds for start-up and emerging companies.
  • Launched and managed Country Music Magazine, a national multi-media company that ran over 30 years
  • Bought, turned around and profitably grew Killion Extruders, a family-owned industrial equipment manufacturing company that was sold to a British public company after 10 years.
  • Launched and developed a Florida-based real estate development partnership.
  • Led the launch and five year development of Wireless for the Corporate User magazine and conference company at the beginning of the wireless & mobile communications industry

2nd Half of 40 Year Entrepreneurial Career

  • Bought 50 acre New Jersey farm as the base for breeding and training thoroughbred race horses over 20 plus years
  • Launched and headed for 17 years the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund – a fund of hedge funds
  • Currently developing a business to create and market on-line courses to share “how to” guidance to other entrepreneurs and to teach networking and relationship development skills to various niche audiences including college students, military personnel, professional service providers and entrepreneurs.

What Jack Believes

Jack credits his constantly evolving networking and relationship development skills as being vital to building his successful, international, diversified career.

Developin g Your Networking and Relationship Development Skills

People in organizations of all types may occasionally be told “You need to network” but they are rarely told why and how. My ambition is to help fill this important void.

Jack has coached over 1000 executives in leading accounting, law and financial advisory firms, banks, corporations, non-profit organizations and universities.

Often having someone independent and experienced available for consultation helps get a business or company to the next level. Jack devotes much of his working day to helping the business community and budding entrepreneurs succeed.

How to Get Started

Make your move and begin to unlock your potential. These are two ways you can begin to understand how to master the skills and methods Jack Killion used through his successful career.

Test Your Networking Skills

Test your networking skills and learn how to become a better networker by taking the NQ Pulse—an exam that will take about 5 minutes.

Sample our Online Training

Our on-line training is an economic way of getting the best of our training through the convenience of your computer.


I appreciate you telling your story and sharing it with me....

A year ago this past spring you spoke at a Rutgers Business School brunch that I attended.  I was very intrigued by your talk, spoke with you afterwards and asked if we could meet for eggs.  When I got home I bought your book online and read it in its entirety by the next day.  Many parts of your book, along with your talk, struck a cord with me.

I am friendly but basically an introvert and found networking exhausting. I found talking to strangers a chore and really didn’t see a need to do so.

Your talk and book and our conversation when we met for eggs at the Bridgewater Diner put a completely different perspective on networking. It’s really about making connections with people, finding common interests and connecting others.

You gave many examples at how making connections enhanced your life and that of your family. I found this very inspiring.

Long story short, a month or so after we met I was hired into a position with lots of opportunity. I had been looking for a job for a year and a half after getting laid off. I really applied what you advocate about making connections to my new work environment and it has been quite a remarkable change for me.

I also approach social situations with a new interest and enjoy much more talking with people and sharing stories. I even strike up conversations with strangers in random places. This has helped me build considerable confidence in social situations.

So thank you very much. I appreciate you telling your story and sharing it with me. It has been very inspirational to me and has made a significant difference in my personal and professional life.

CH November, 2019


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