What we Offer

We help individuals grow both professionally with their careers and personally by coaching them to develop and leverage significantly improved,-difference making networking and relationship building skills.

We also strategically advise other entrepreneurs and business owners & leaders how to successfully start and/or grow their businesses based on the entrepreneurial skills we learned, over the past 45 years.

Networking, Relationship Development Coaching & Training

We believe in helping you develop your skills to accelerate your personal and business growth.

Business Launch & Development Strategic Guidance

Jack Killion shares the lessons and experience from over fifty years building and running successful businesses.

Public Speaking, Books & On-Line Education

We provide consultancy services and Jack is available for key note or motivating public speaking.

Featured Services

We have many services designed to help you get on the right path to success. Here is a selection of our most popular.


How to Get Started

Make your move and begin to unlock your potential. These are two ways you can begin to understand how to master the skills and methods Jack Killion used through his successful career.

Test Your Networking Skills

Test your networking skills and learn how to become a better networker by taking the NQ Pulse—an exam that will take about 5 minutes.

Sample our Online Training

Our on-line training is an economic way of getting the best of our training through the convenience of your computer.


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