Networking, Relationship Development Coaching & Training

We help Individuals & organizations with their business development skills and entrepreneurs
to successfully evaluate, fund, launch then profitably grow their businesses.

We believe in helping you develop your skills to accelerate your personal and business growth.

A Proven On-Line, Interactive Coaching Program


Everyone benefits from improving their networking & relationship development skills to accelerate their careers, drive profitable growth for their organizations and enrich their personal lives. Yet, these skills are seldom taught and are often under-appreciated and certainly under-used. This program coaches these skills.

Target Audience

This interactive program is a vital resource for all corporate, non-profit, and professional firm leaders & key members (Law, CPA, Financial Services, Consulting) as well as for all entrepreneurs & business owners who will all benefit from enhancing and using these skills.

Business Launch & Development Strategic Guidance

Jack Killion is available to provide business analysis and strategic growth advisory direction to help other entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders launch and develop their new or existing businesses. See the About section.

Our Udemy Training

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How to Raise Funding for Your Start-up / Early Stage Company

This course is designed to get you thinking about how to successfully raise funding for your start-up or early stage company. The course includes 2.5h of instructional video and includes three instructional lessons from fundraising team professionals. The course is spread over 7 modules each with a quiz to make certain the viewer is absorbing the key points being made. Those successfully completing the course will receive a certification.

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9 Tips for Getting Your Son or Daughter into a Good College

We walk you through nine important instructions which will help you understand the wider requirements of the college admissions process. These tips will help you formulate a plan that can start before high school. This will help your collage applicant gain a perspective on the whole “going to collage” process and have the skills needed to make those important decisions.

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