Interactive Coaching Programs

Develop & Leverage Your Critical Networking & Relationship Development Skills

Our 1000s of networking & relationship development coaching ”clients” have included:

  • College students needing these skills to find and develop their career paths
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners with tight resources and needing key relationships to help drive their business growth
  • “C” level executives and Board members benefitting from a strong network of strategic alliances
  • Professionals including consultants, accountants, lawyers, wealth advisors and others needing these skills to expand their client base and become a difference maker within their firms
  • People in transition needing to find new career opportunities through personal connections
  •  Others looking to develop these skills to both accelerate their careers and enhance their personal and family lives.

We coach individuals or groups to strengthen their critically important networking & relationship development skills three ways:

  • In person at your facility for groups of unlimited size although up to 25 or 30 participants is recommended. In person coaching programs can range from 1 or 2 hour “tip-of-the Iceberg”
    Introductory sessions to four 3 hour hands-on, in-depth coaching sessions spread one or more weeks apart. Recent, live group coaching programs have been held for leading organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Colgate-Palmolive, Deloitte and others.
  • Using Zoom for live, interactive individual or group coaching. Our Zoom coaching program is for up to 14 participants from the same or different organizations and consists of four, 75 minute interactive sessions spread a week apart. Spreading the sessions a week apart to allow participants to practice skills being learned. The Zoom coaching is available globally.
  • With our on-line, webinar courses we teach various niche audiences how to develop these skills to meet their specific relationship development needs to accelerate careers and drive business growth. Currently we have an on-line, learn to network course available for college students with others in development for entrepreneurs and business owners, professionals , business leaders, people in transition and others.

Your Action Step

To learn more about the curriculum and investment required to participate either individually or with a group from your organization please reach out. or 908-507-9879

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