Individual & Public Speaking

Having Jack Talk with You or Your Team

In recent years, through his training firm: Bluestone+Killion,  Jack has coached over 1000 executives in: leading accounting, law and financial advisory firms, banks, corporations, non-profit organizations and universities.

The focus is always on teaching these clients to strengthen their networking and relationship development skills both internally and externally as a key way to accelerate their careers, drive the profitable growth of their organizations and enhance their personal and their family lives.

Jack coaches one-on-one both in person and by Skype as well as in single day or multi day group sessions including from 15 to nearly 200 participants  per group.

In recent years, through Bluestone+Killion, Jack has coached clients in, for example::

Accounting: Deloitte, Rothstein Kass (Now KPMG), Grassi, Grant Thornton, Anchin, NJCPAS  and others

Law: Moses & Singer, Townsend Tomaio & Newmark. Morris County Bar Association

Financial services: Hub International and Gerstein Fisher

Banks: Signature Bank, Bayonne Community Bank

Universities: Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers, Drew and Susquehanna plus Brooklyn Law School

Corporations: Verizon and others

Booking Jack as a Speaker

Jack is a frequent speaker at industry events, company functions, for charity events and at universities. He has appeared on TV and radio as well.

He is equally comfortable and effective talking with an audience of “C” level leaders, board members, employees and young people early in their career or still in college.

Jack capitalizes on his extensive business background when involved facilitating single or multi-day corporate strategy development events.

In all of Jack's speaking engagements, participants are asked to describe in writing their reaction to the presentation with 2 or 3 words ,i.e. cut to the bottom line assess impact. Typical 2 or 3 word evaluations include:

  • Eye-Opening
  • Enlightening
  • Important
  • Interesting
  • Inspiring
  • Insightful
  • Empowering
  • Extremely Informative
  • Broadening
  • Impressive
  • Realistic
  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Unique
  • Action-Oriented
  • Fascinating
  • Freaking Awesome
  • Practical
  • Stimulating
  • Fantastic
  • How-To
  • Revealing
  • Amazing
  • Productive
  • Rewarding
  • Worth Every Mimute

Recent Speaking Engagements


Fordham University Business School

Members of Management Consulting Club

“Networking is key to developing a career with organizations with great cultures.”



 Faculty & Staff

“Networking is key to developing a career with organizations with great cultures.”


NY City

Entrepreneur clients of Gearhart Law

“Developing global strategic alliances.”



Professionals in transition

“Network your way to landing a new opportunity with an organization with a strong culture.”



Rutgers University MBA students

“Networking is key to developing a career with organizations with great cultures.”



Colgate-Palmolive Research staff

“Breaking down silos and building relationships via networking will enhance the culture & drive performance.”



Trenton Graduate students & faculty at College of New Jersey

“Networking is key to developing a career with organizations with great cultures.”



Union Catholic High School Business Forum,

“Developing alliances within the local business community.”


New York City

MIT Sloan Business School women graduates

“Internal relationships will shape the culture of your organizations.”



Professionals in transition

“Network your way to a new career opportunity with an organization with a strong culture.”


New York City

Deloitte & Professional Staff interns

“Networking & developing internal relationships will shape your brand and impact the firm’s culture.”



New Jersey Manufacturing Day attendees

“Driving bottom line results with networking & strategic alliances”



MIT Sloan Business School Graduates

“Networking with Sloan graduates will open up many professional and personal opportunities”



Rotary Club of Madison

“Networking will developing relationships will drive business and personal growth”


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